Hooks lets you create notifications for anything

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CHIANG MAI, THAILAND - September 17, 2014: Apple Computers website close up details on Apple iPad Air with the Apple Watch wearable technology device.

The iOS app Hooks is evolving to include Android and Apple Watch versions. The Hooks app allows users to send push notifications to their device for anything they deem important.

Everything is getting the Apple Watch treatment these days, and Hooks is no exception. The smartwatch platform is heavily driven by notifications, with more than one million user-created alerts available to keep users updated on the latest from their Twitter account, articles from chosen periodicals, news headlines, and more targeted alerts like a shopping sale or a change in stock prices.

Much like smartwatch innovator Pebble, the Apple Watch and Google’s Android Wear are trying to offer a companion to the smartphone. The important notifications that come through the watch alert users to more detailed versions that can be viewed on their phone. This could be incredibly handy in business for users who are constantly on the move. It can also give consumers the edge in getting the best deals.

Hooks co-founder and CEO Oleg Kozynenko said: “We think that notifications will become a major way you get most of your information. This is happening already as ‘wearable technology’ like the Apple Watch has been introduced. In this new environment, people are going to need killer apps to help them.”

This strategy seems to have won Hooks some success, with more than 110,000 users signing up since version 2.0 was launched earlier this year. Kozynenko reports that users have sent nearly half a million notifications each day and 30 million notifications in total since February.

Now part of accelerator TechStars’ Chicago program, Hooks is making good progress. The Spanish startup is looking for new funding and reports indicate that it has reached the $250,000 mark already.

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