Instead of ringing, MorePhone bends to alert you

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Missed calls and numerous unread messages that need replies are just two of the problems encountered when phones are set to silent mode. Even when alert tones are in place, mobile phones still need attention.

A group of scientists have developed a smartphone that can bend itself or change shape to let users know that they have a call or an important message without the need for noise.

This clever idea was made possible thanks to the efforts of researchers from the Human Media Lab of Queen’s University in Canada. They have even filmed how the prototype works and posted it on YouTube.

Referred to as the MorePhone, this smartphone transforms its shape to alert users that there is a message or an incoming call. It also utilises an e-Ink display with special memory wires so that it can bend to a certain angle when electronically activated.

This means that even if you are in an important meeting, you can feel confident that your mobile phone will be able to alert you without embarrassing you. On top of that, the handset can also form other shapes.

When this technology is ready to launch, handsets such as the iconic iPhone will no longer be just a flat gadget that needs to be kept in a pouch or pocket. In the future, the phone could just jump out of your pocket when you receive an incoming call. Technology has made some things that once seemed impossible happen.

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