Interactwive: Making it Easier to Run Competitions on Twitter

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Many people use Twitter, either for personal or professional reasons.  Nevertheless, while this social networking tool has already proved highly useful for many businesses, it looks set to become even better thanks to a new website called Interactwive.

The idea is that you can set up a competition on Twitter by using one or more keywords for each day the competition runs.  Interactwive makes life easy when you want to run a competition because it allows you to set all the rules and parameters.  For example, you may ask people to use a specific hashtag in order to enter.  Alternatively, they might be required to enter a link.  It all depends on the nature of the competition and how you want to run it.

According to the home page of Interactwive, they have processed 241,855 tweets so far.  This is impressive but it also shows that the site is still in its early days.  One would question how many tweeters have the need to set up a competition.  We would suspect that this service will be far more useful to businesses than anyone else.  It will also take time for news of the service to spread.

There is a cost for the service, which is priced in US dollars.  The initial charge for a competition to be set up is $4.99, and you also pay 99 cents for each keyword you use.  It is up to you how long the competition runs for too, so you are definitely in the driving seat with Interactwive.

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  1. Cyrik

    November 7, 2011 at 12:11 pm

    Thanks for the idea. We have started our own competition today, thanks to you!

    Cheers from Barcelona,

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