iPhone is most durable smartphone

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While the new Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone is more durable than its previous model, the iPhone 5s triumphed over all of them partly due to its smaller size, according to a new study.

Extended protection plan provider SquareTrade said Samsung’s S5 scored well on account of its sturdy and water-resistant plastic back panel. However, the iPhone 5s gained points for being only four inches diagonally, as opposed to the Android phone’s five inches. This made the iPhone easier to grip and therefore less likely to drop.

SquareTrade assessed the smartphones based on various criteria such as grip, weight, size and the quality of their back and front panels.

Specifically, the company measured how well the phones could withstand a four-foot drop and being submerged in water for ten seconds. It also measured how far the smartphones slid when pushed on their backs across a table.

On a ten-point durability scale, with ten having the highest risk, Samsung’s Galaxy S5 scored a six, Google’s Nexus 5 scored seven, the new HTC One got 6.5, and the iPhone 5s scored a 5.5.

The iPhone, the new HTC One, the S5 and the Nexus all had strong front panels although they were mostly made of glass.

The One and the S5 were the hardest to grip, while both the iPhone and the S5 survived the dunk test for up to 30 minutes. It has to be noted that only the S5 is being marketed as water resistant.

The performance of the Galaxy S5 on the drop test was noteworthy given the S4’s poor performance last year.

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