Is Pinterest Breaching Copyright Laws?

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No matter where you have been over the past few weeks, you cannot fail to have heard about Pinterest.  This new social media site focuses on the idea of pinning images you like to the website.  Each user can create a scrapbook of images depending on what they find and what they want to keep.

Now a problematic situation has arisen regarding copyright.  It would appear that some people are questioning whether Pinterest actually breaches the copyright holders of such images.

It started when one former user of Pinterest got rid of her boards and wrote about it on her blog.  She also happens to be a lawyer and was worried that by pinning images that belonged to other people to her boards, she was in effect breaking copyright laws.

The success of Pinterest has been nothing short of amazing.  Some think that anything pinned to their board has the potential to get more traffic than it would otherwise have.  So in this case the idea of suing to get such an item removed would not necessarily make sense.  It would be much like shooting yourself in the foot.

Nevertheless, it could happen and if it did, it would set a precedent that could become a problem for the site.  The co-founder for Pinterest, Ben Silbermann, contacted the blogger whose post went viral to talk about the issue.  Apparently, changes are in the pipeline, so we shall have to wait and see what they are.

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