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Most business websites already have a support or FAQ section to help address customer queries. All provide a way for the customer to contact their support service, whether it is by using a contact form, by contacting an email address or by calling a supplied telephone number. However, many of today’s customers are looking for a much speedier solution. Instead of having to call someone (possibly being in a call queue) or to wait for a response to an email or contact form, customers now favor businesses that utilize live chat software to instantly address their concerns and answer their questions.

Benefits for businesses

When a customer using a website cannot quickly and easily find an answer to questions about shipping costs, product details or almost anything else, they will often move on to a competitor’s website. By adding live chat functionality to your website, you will keep such customers on your site. This will obviously help to increase online sales and the overall average order value. Interacting with customers as they shop helps to improve overall customer satisfaction, a factor that will increase the likelihood of repeat sales.

Live chat allows a customer service representative to work one-on-one with a customer if they experience a problem, or have a question when using the site. Because problems are resolved much more quickly, the overall costs of customer service provision will actually decrease. Since both the representative and the customer can view the same web page or product contemporaneously, the customer’s questions are answered swiftly and in full, without the need for back and forth contact through email or multiple phone calls.

Businesses can even monitor the performance of their website through live chat software. They can monitor what customers like best and what they tend to avoid. This helps to improve an overall brand and website reputation.

Features of Live Chat Software

The most important feature of live chat software is this ability to chat with customers in real time. The most sophisticated software includes click-to-chat buttons and proactive invitation rules, such as the ability to invite a customer to chat when they click on the FAQs page. A variety of customization options, especially for reporting and invitations, are usually available in higher-level editions, and are extremely helpful in managing customer contact. It is also important to be able to brand the software so that it doesn’t look like a third party application. Some types of software actually include an automated agent and allow for skill based group creation, to ensure that customers reach the right representative for their needs.

Since software for live chat helps to improve your business in real time, you should also have real time support. A reliable application will provide you with a 24/7-support service, to help you fully utilize your chat client and keep your system up and running. You can also learn about your customers with a campaign viewer and Google Analytics, to fully optimize your site for your intended audience.

Staying up to date with technology

Customers trust an online company that stays up to date with the latest technology. Live chat software is essential for any online business wishing to illustrate that they are focused on the latest in customer service. Customers will appreciate the investment and see your business as a leader in the industry. This will make you the choice for shopping over the less innovative competition.

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