Jeans with transparent pocket to make smartphone use easier

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A new pair of jeans created by Alphyn Industries features a transparent pocket on the thigh area of the jeans, which will allow users to access their smartphone without removing it from the pocket.
The jeans, which are stated to cost £103 for a pair of Delta415’s, feature the transparent pocket that is covered by a flap of material and allow users to access their smartphones protected behind a layer of polymer film.  The jeans also feature a hole that has been included specifically to allow users to plug in their headphones, which means that users can also make hands free calls without removing their phone from their pocket.
The clear area of the pocket will perfectly suit an iPhone or other smartphone built to 3 x 5 inch dimensions. The pocket zips closed so that your phone will not be on display to everyone you meet.
Opting for what they describe as a deep indigo blue colour, the jeans, according to their manufacturer, have stemmed from a ‘military heritage’ and are expected to be the first in a range of clothing which aims to integrate smartphones in ways that make it easier and safer for users to use their phone while on the move.
Smartphones are currently the most popular type of mobile device available.

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