Keeping up with the changing face of online marketing

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Online, change is constant and it can be difficult for organizations with an internet presence to keep up with them all without some professional help.  North Norfolk web design provides this vital help and advice, keeping its clients fully up to date with the ongoing changes in online marketing.

Big Data

An emerging trend is the use of so-called Big Data by some of the leading companies to find useful information beneath all of the clutter.  Big Data refers to data sets so complex that traditional data processing systems find them hard to deal with.  Developments in this area include Facebook’s Graph Search feature and Microsoft’s ViralSearch. In a trend driven by Google, Search Engine Results Pages, or SERPs, have become increasingly intuitive at anticipating what people are searching for online.

Online marketers also need to recognise that shortcuts that worked in the past are no longer as effective.  This is due to the crackdown on so-called spamdexing, and the increased focus by the leading players, such as Google, on quality of content.  Well-crafted content targeted at actual users rather than publications designed to meet the specifications of search engine algorithms, is at the heart of long-term search engine optimisation success.

Social media

A particularly noteworthy change in online marketing is evidenced by the effect that social media is having on organic search.  There is a view that social indicators will, in the long term, surpass keywords and hyperlinks in terms of delivering results. This remains to be seen, but the increasing integration between social and search is not something that can be overlooked.

Content quality

It is clear, nonetheless, that brands need to focus more on the customer and think less about keyword density.  As the likes of Google and Bing consider indicators of engagement, the user experience begins to trump those indicators that used to pass for web content optimisation.  A landing page can be as keyword-optimised as it is possible to get, but if a brand or business wants to get to the top of the SERPs, coming up with a page that doesn’t prove to be a turn-off for web users needs to be where their focus is firmly centred.

Mobile technology

Developments in mobile technology are driving many of the changes in online marketing.  Catching the attention of a smartphone or tablet user is certainly a challenge because there is a limited amount of information that can be consumed on a smaller screen at any one time.  The emergence of relevant apps is something that online marketers need to be fully up to date with.  Of particular importance are the so-called geo location apps – Google+ and Foursquare being just two examples – that allow marketers to target customers in their geographical location.

North Norfolk web design

This company works closely with its clients to anticipate and effectively respond to the constant changes in the online marketing environment.  It is vital that organizations using online marketing are kept up to date with the changes so they do not lose their visibility online.  There is no room for complacency and the online marketing environment is now a highly professional and competitive one.  A truism that remains, however, is that success in marketing is ultimately about the ability to connect with the targeted audience, regardless of what technology is driving change.

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