Large Leap in Ad Revenue Predicted for Twitter

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In 2011, Twitter reaped $139.5 million in revenues from advertising efforts.  However, there is good news in store as the company looks to grow by more than 80% in 2012.

While we can only speculate what the social network might bring in during future years, it has been estimated that it may bring in as much as $540 million by the year 2014.  These figures come from eMarketer and relate to the payments advertisers make to have ads on Twitter.

Another key factor to take from these figures is that the overall growth pattern will slow over the coming years as the revenues increase.  Twitter saw a huge 233% growth in revenues in 2011, but this is expected to fall as low as around 36% in 2014.  Of course, the figures from 2012 onwards are merely estimates of what could happen, but they look to be fairly reasonable.  We shall have to wait and see whether the social network lives up to these estimations or manages to rise above them.

In any event, it looks as if Twitter will be reaping the rewards of getting on top of its advertising options in the coming years.  It is said that most revenue at the present time comes from America.  However, this may not be the case in the future.  As Twitter becomes more established and accessible in other parts of the world, so ad revenues will be seen to come from other areas as well.

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