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Limelife is a new website to keep up with the new celebrity’s trends, great music, and new styles. It’s like a magazine online. It covers a number of easy categorized topics including shopping, mobile, Celebs, fashion, beauty, on screen, music, love & sex, and life. Besides these subjects, they also post top stories everyday. It’s perfect for any women looking for a quick brush up on the news and trends.

All the articles are kept up daily and provide readers with valuable information. As an example, Limelife recently posted OPI dark colored nail polish for the new fall season. This nail polish actually strengthens your weak and chipped nails. Another article displays an elegant line of bathing products for luxurious hours spent in the tub. Limelife is reminding everyone to vote on the upcoming political campaign. Time is running out for some states to register. By voting, you’re helping the polls get an accurate count of who should win. It does not matter if you are leaning toward McCain or Obama, every vote counts.

It’s also possible to get Limelife on your phone, for on the go updates. Just go to on your mobile browser. If you want to look up other things on the website, you can check out the many blogs, or use its own independent search engine to look up your own subjects. The website is not all girly subjects. Some of it is about serious stuff like the political campaigns and new music. Make sure you check out your daily horoscope too.

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