LinkedIn Launches New Job Application Button

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LinkedIn is known as the professional social network that focuses on making the most of connections with existing colleagues while helping you to find new ones at the same time.  But if you have ever applied for jobs elsewhere online you probably have not given your profile on the business networking site a second thought.  This is now all set to change.

If you are a member of LinkedIn you will know that your online profile forms a virtual resume in itself.  Now LinkedIn has launched a plug in that can be used by companies on their websites to allow people to apply for positions they advertise using their LinkedIn profile.

If you see a job online and you see a button that says ‘Apply with LinkedIn’ you simply have to click on it to use your profile to apply instead of having to send a resume like normal.  This is a big time saver and it is a nice new feature that makes LinkedIn more worthwhile to be a member of.  You can also edit your profile and make it even more appealing before you submit it if you wish.

The new feature is a promising one for employers and potential employees as well.  You can find out all the relevant information about applying for the plug in for your own company by visiting the developer section on the LinkedIn website.  We may soon see the plug in appearing all over the web.

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