Lumos develops a signposting cycle helmet

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Cycling helmet

Boston-based hardware startup Lumos is taking the illuminated cycle helmet a step further with the addition of wireless indicator lights. The helmet, which is powered by a rechargeable battery, appears to be a standard piece of kit. However, in addition to the indicator lights, it will include integrated front and back lights.

The company is using the popular Kickstarter approach in the hope of raising $125,000 in crowd funding to develop their prototype into a consumer product by 2016.

Co-founder Eu-wen Ding said: “There are currently no bike helmets in the market that feature integrated brake and turn signal lights. Lumos will be the first to do this. This is a huge distinctive feature that will help cyclists more effectively communicate their intentions to people around them.”

The helmet’s indicators are positioned where one might expect to find them on the left and right of the helmet. They are triggered through a wireless device that can be remotely operated from the bike’s handlebars. The rider presses either the left or right button to inform other road users of his or her intention to turn.

Ding added: “The wireless remote works off a 2.4 GHz RF (Radio Frequency) chip. These RF chips are more than powerful enough to handle the signaling feature and are also robust, reliable, and consume very little power, making it ideal for this use case.”

The development team has been working with a Chinese helmet manufacturer. It has also engaged with Brinc accelerator, which is a Hong Kong-based company focusing mostly on IoT devices.

Ding said: “We’re coming to the Kickstarter community now because through the work we have already done, we have brought this project all the way to the pre-production stage and we just need the community’s support to get the money necessary to invest in tooling and a full production run.”

Lumos achieved $50,000 of its target less than an hour after launching, and success appears to be right around the corner.


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