MDC Partners Makes Major Investment in Dotbox

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If you can cast your mind back to 2008 you may remember that Dotbox was launched at the very forefront of social commerce.  Any company that wants to increase its visibility and sell more goods through social media channels can go to Dotbox to do just that.

Apparently, the interest in Dotbox has not been without its rewards.  MDC Partners, an investment company, has stated that it now has a “majority interest” in the company.  The exact terms were not revealed – perhaps not surprisingly – but it is thought to be a significant stake in the company.

According to reports, MDC wanted to offer more in the way of e-commerce solutions for their clients.  The investment in Dotbox ought to help them considerably in this way.  Dotbox is responsible for handling high profile clients including Jessica Simpson and many other well-known names.  While they are still a small company, they are clearly leading the field in social commerce.  This new interest from MDC Partners looks set to continue strengthening that position.

This is one of the most high profile developments in the world of social commerce for some time.  It shows how important e-commerce is to modern businesses, and we have still only scratched the surface of what is possible.  There is every reason for MDC Partners and Dotbox both to benefit from this partnership.  With big plans ahead for Dotbox, this agreement can only be for the good in the long run.

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