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MobGold – Mobile, Social Media Advertising and Analytics

Submitted by Craig Agranoff on Monday, 22 March 2010 2 Comments

MobGold is a global player in the mobile advertising arena catering to both publishers and advertisers in the mobile Web space.  They also target social media that is access via phone (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) and have recently added full analytics to their suite of services for publishers and advertisers alike.

Advertisers can access a large network of mobile content providers and can narrow the field of targets for an ad by device, network, daily budget, and more.  Ads can be tracked, tweaked, activated/deactivated, etc. from a mobile or desktop in real-time.

Publishers of mobile-targeted content can receive multiple advertisers’ ad spots using simple scripts in various scripted languages, which are easily integrated into most any mobile site (WAP, HTML, etc).  Ads can be filtered by relevance, according to payout versus site traffic (by time of day), and otherwise worked to meet the needs of the publication in question.

Also covered are ad agencies, which will find a lot to draw from or use as they promote their clients’ advertisements through the MobGold network.

The analytics are new, just added this month, and allow advertisers a way to gauge social media advertising as well as standard adverts through sites.  Ad responses can be measured through various social sites by several metrics, making the MobGold analytics useful on many levels.

Overall, the site is nicely done, the prices and returns are pretty good, and the tools at hand are probably the best in the mobile advertising business.  Definitely a site worth checking if you or your business need to harness mobile content and advertising.

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  • coco1212

    How can I make the most out of MobiGold if I'm a publisher? I have little experience in this field, I was an affiliate for easysaver complaints and I recently signed up for google's AdWords, and I feel I need to know more before deciding if MobiGold would be the way to go.

  • hectorth

    I think if you're a publisher, a good thing from that is you get to invite your fellow developers. To join MobGold Affiliate program. I'd think I'd try since it's free. Cheers