Mobile Internet: Not Just for Your Smartphone or Tablet

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With the popularity of mobile devices like smartphones and tablet computers, it’s easy to forget that browsing an Internet website or completing a work task is often easier on a traditional laptop.
The knock on laptops is that they’re bigger. But that’s often an advantage. Especially when you consider that finding a Wi-Fi hotspot isn’t necessary anymore thanks to mobile equipment that delivers 4G Internet to your laptop, no matter where you are. That means that your social commerce endeavors aren’t limited to the coffee shop or public square that has free Wi-Fi.
Sure, mobile devices are good for sending office emails or interacting with others via social media. But laptops can carry out the same functions and more. Here are 3 advantages of using a mobile Internet-enabled laptop rather than relying on a smaller, less powerful device like a smartphone or tablet:
1) Laptops are more appropriate for keyboard-intensive tasks
If you have to type up an invoice or write a letter to a prospective partner, a mobile or tablet is quite inconvenient. With a laptop, you get the fully functionally keyboard that you’re used to, and you can complete the task with more precision and in a fraction of the time as you could with a smaller device with a touchscreen keyboard.
2) More power for multitasking
If you need to respond to customers through social media, use email and log information in an Excel spreadsheet all at the same time, you’re not going to have much luck with a lightweight device like a smartphone or tablet computer. With a laptop, you get more processing power and memory to switch between windows quickly and have multiple programs open at one time.
3) The larger screen is more navigable
One undeniable advantage of the laptop is that you simply have more surface area with which to operate. You don’t have to minimize or close out of anything each time you want to bring up a new application or window, and you can quickly access multiple windows at one time (provided you’re not in full screen mode.
Many people find it more beneficial for business purposes to use a laptop. There’s certainly a place for smartphones and tablets, but when it comes to getting work done – in social commerce or any other field – the laptop will have its place for years to come.

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