More Privacy Concerns Rear Their Heads at Facebook

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If you have been keeping up with the news surrounding Facebook in recent years, you will know that several privacy concerns have popped up from time to time.  Now another one has come to the fore, but it would appear that the social media giant has known about the flaw for some time.

The website has around 750 million users worldwide, and every time one of them logs in to Facebook, the site uses cookies to track their movements.  This may not seem unusual as the practice is regularly used on many different websites.  However, this is not the big concern.  The concern is that the cookies continue to work even after someone has logged out of their Facebook account and gone elsewhere online.  This means that the site could find out where its members were going and what they were doing.

A researcher named Nik Cubrilovic uncovered the feature and told Facebook that he knew about it.  This prompted a response from the website saying that it did not know anything about it.  However, Nik was able to produce evidence and this in turn has led to the removal of the tracking ability in the software.

It remains to be seen what the reaction of Facebook’s many users will be to this latest problem.  No doubt, some will immediately leave the site, but this too will be difficult since you cannot erase your account completely.  It would seem that Facebook does not like letting anyone go.

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