More time on TV than on smartphones?

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With the omnipresence of smartphones in the US, it is surprising that Americans actually spend only 58 minutes each day on them, compared with 34 hours a week tuned in to their TVs, which equals roughly 4.8 hours a day.

These findings were based on new research conducted by Experion Marketing Services. The study also found significant differences between the use of Android and iPhone smartphones. For example, people use their iPhones for 75 minutes daily, which is 26 minutes more than the typical Android phone user.

Moreover, 22 per cent of the time spent by users on their iPhones is devoted to calling, while Android owners spend 28 per cent of their time on calls. Android users also dedicate a greater portion of their time browsing websites than iPhone users. Comparatively, iPhone users spend more time emailing, texting, social networking and utilising the camera.

Specifically, eight per cent of the respondents used their phones for games, nine per cent for reading emails and 14 per cent for web surfing. 16 per cent of respondents utilised their smartphones for social networking, whilst 20 per cent used them for texting and 26 per cent for calling.

However, the study underscored that Americans are still too fond of watching TV, a behaviour that is considered antisocial and bad for one’s health. Based on Nielsen’s study released in September of last year, the average American spent 34 hours a week on the couch watching TV.

It can be argued that using a smartphone is better than watching TV as it encourages people to socialise and go out rather than stay home and be a couch potato.

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