Motorola to launch first bespoke smartphone

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Motorola is preparing to debut its Moto X smartphone very soon. Advertisements with major news agencies show that the company, which is now owned by Google, is all set to launch the very first smartphone entirely made in the United States.

“The first smartphone designed, engineered and assembled in the USA is coming,” proclaimed the ad appearing in publications such as USA Today, Washington Post and Wall Street Journal.

According to media reports, the phone will be assembled at a factory in Forth Worth, Texas, which is managed by Flextronics.

While the ad does not reveal the phone itself, it does show two people diving from a wooden platform, forming the figure X1 with their bare bodies. In addition, the ad claims the device, which will be launched this summer, is also the first smartphone that consumers can personally design.

This means Motorola may have tweaked its supply chain so that buyers can select the features they want in their phones before finalising the purchase. However, it is still unclear what the bespoke features are going to be, although they will possibly include design elements like colour, casing, text fonts and even pre-installed applications.

Assembling the smartphone in the US is also a competitive edge for Motorola as it will give it more speed and flexibility in delivering the customisable phones.

The Senior VP of Motorola’s supply chain and operation, Mark Randall, used to work for Nokia and Amazon. He also contributed to the design of the Fort Worth factory where the Moto X will be produced.

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