Mozilla releases Firefox OS simulation

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The latest prototype of Mozilla’s mobile operating system, Firefox OS, is now available for public review, although there are still a few bugs. The company’s latest release allows users to run the OS as a Firefox add-on on their computer, which means they can test the OS seamlessly without the commitment of installing it on their mobile phones.

The latest mobile operating system will primarily cater to clients from emerging markets.

Mozilla is presently conducting a study in Brazil to discover trends in the ways that the country’s middle class population uses their phones. They are hoping to tailor Firefox’s OS to meet the specific needs of this group of users.

The latest version aims to provide premium quality at an inexpensive price. Operating systems with high-quality design need to be affordable to the masses just like the company’s other products, according to Mozilla’s Patryk Adamczyk.

Notably, the mobile operating system’s standard functions such as messaging, calling and calendar are all based on HTML5. Although several apps are already available for Mozilla’s Firefox OS, it has high hopes that the recently released simulator will appeal to more developers.

The first mobile devices featuring Firefox OS are expected to appear next year. Mozilla has partnered with TCL and ZTE, two leading mobile phone makers in China, who have pledged to manufacture Firefox OS handsets. As another perk, these smartphones will feature the Qualcomm Snapdragon processors that several popular handsets on the market are already using.

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