Negative Social Commerce Reviews Could Help You Sell More

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Social commerce is all about interacting with your audience and finding more ways to engage with them.  Social commerce has also seen many websites develop ways in which customers can provide reviews for the items they have bought from sellers.  Up until now, sellers would be eager to avoid getting bad reviews for anything.  However, it would seem as if a bad review is not quite so bad after all – at least if some eye opening research by Reevoo is anything to go by.

It seems as though customers are becoming perceptive when it comes to purchasing items online.  The appearance of nothing but a stream of great reviews is seen as suspicious because in reality, there should always be one or two people who are not as happy with the service or product received.  Of course as a business owner – no matter what you sell – you want to please everyone.  Every business owner should know that this is impossible to do in reality.

The research by Reevoo shows that conversion rates from browsing to sales increase by a huge 67 per cent when customers look for negative reviews.  Looking for the negativity in a product or service enables them to get a fully rounded picture before deciding whether to go ahead and buy or not.  Ironically, it would appear that seeing nothing but positive reviews means that they have no information on the negatives, and thus do not buy anything at all.

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