New technology provides smartphones with real zoom

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Despite the advances in mobile phone technology, photos taken using a smartphone are still inferior to those taken with real cameras.

This is something that Israeli startup Corephotonics aims to change.

“We want to bridge the gap between the camera in the smartphone and the experience of a camera called a DSC – Digital Still Camera – in the professional jargon,” said Corephotonics’ cofounder and director of development, Gal Shabtay.

He noted that the major gaps were primarily due to optical zoom.

“There isn’t a real zoom in a smartphone camera, but rather a digital zoom, which is in effect a manipulation of the picture.”

A real zoom requires a relatively thick lens, and thickness is anathema to smartphone makers, who are always on the lookout for ways to slim their products.

The Israeli startup solved this dilemma with their simple yet brilliant patented technology. It consists of a camera that comes with two lenses, one of which has a narrow and distant field of vision, while the other has a broad and close field.

Shabtay believes that this technology will provide cellular cameras with “a sequential zoom of up to three times in a still photo and of up to five times in a video film with full HD quality.”

It also addresses other issues such as slow photography or limited exposure to sunlight.

The technology requires a smartphone with good processing capabilities, although not necessarily exceptional ones.

However, the camera is not manufactured by Corephotonics; they simply design the software and hardware and sell the blueprint to device manufacturers.

Founded in 2012, Corephotonics was established by Shabtay and David Mendlovic, the company’s CEO.

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