Next iPhone to shine in Gold?

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If rumours turn out to be accurate, the next-generation iPhone will not only feature an upgraded camera, processor and operating system, but also a brand new gold colour.

Several reports online, including those by iMore and AllThingsD, indicate that the next iPhone will be offered with a white front along with a gold-coloured back. To date, the iconic phone only comes in white, silver and black, plus various colourful “bumper” options.

The new colour was described to online publication AllThingsD as a classy gold tone; the source likened it to a champagne tone rather than a gaudy ingot shade.

If this is true, Apple could be further branding its products as symbols of luxury. A gold iPhone will likely be sought after in Asian countries like India and China, where search giant Google and Apple are battling it out for market dominance.

In fact, China and India buy 60 percent of the gold jewellery in the world, and the appetite for the precious metal is rising in these markets, revealed a World Gold Council report.

“Gold is a popular choice in many markets, particularly in Asia where Apple has a stated goal of growth, so this seems to be a natural move,” noted Massimiliano Pogliani, Chief Executive Officer of Vertu, a company that makes high-end phones.

In fact, gold phones have been symbols of wealth even before they became cordless. For example, the US government gave Pope Pius XI a solid gold rotary telephone adorned with mother-of-pearl in 1930, while an American telco gifted former Cuban President Fulgencio Batista with a gold-plated phone.

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