Nextbit smartphone promises to get better over time

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Nextbit, a software company run by former employees from tech giants such as Apple, Google, HTC, and Amazon, plans to launch its first smartphone on 1 September.

Although an official price has yet to be set, Nextbit revealed in a CNET interview that their device will be priced somewhere between $300 and $400.

This places the Nextbit handset within the mid-tier range, below the ZTE Axon Pro at $450 and at a similar price to the recently released OnePlus 2 at $329.

Described by chief executive Tom Moss as “friggin’ awesome”, the Android-based smartphones promise to improve over time as software enhancements augment its performance while cloud services extends its storage.

“Your phone will perform better over time and function at a higher level because of this software enhancement,” said the company.

“We’re focusing on a device that can adapt to you,” stated Mike Chan, the chief technology officer of Nextbit.

Software appears to be the phone’s strong point. It was previously reported that Nextbit launched a handoff-style software that enables users to seamlessly save an app in whatever state it is in and pick it up at the same point from other devices.

However, the company also has hardware strengths. In 2014, Nextbit hired Scott Croyle, one of the designers of the HTC One M9 and One M8

The company did not reveal much regarding the physical aesthetics of the phone, although they did say they were moving away from the metallic smartphone trends to offer a “different kind of premium device”.

“Phone fatigue is a real thing,” said Moss during the CNET interview. “That’s why we’re doing something different.

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