No Big Brand Ads on Social Networks, Says Global Audience

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According to recent research, a huge percentage of people who use various online social networks do not like it when big brands advertise their wares on these same platforms.

72,000 people from 60 countries were asked for their views and many people said they did not want to interact with brands on these websites.  This will come as a major blow to many businesses who have invested sometimes significant sums in building up a presence on one or more social networking sites.  The survey was completed by Digital Life and overall almost two thirds of those surveyed were against the use of social media by such brands.

However the opinions overall did not always reflect the individual opinions gleaned from those in specific countries.  In total 61% of people in the UK did not want to have anything to do with brands on these social media sites.  In contrast, nearly three quarters of Chinese people who were surveyed said they did make comments on online brands.  This showed a distinct difference in how different countries react to the idea of brands using social media.

The emerging internet markets seem to be more amenable to interacting with brands online.  The more developed internet markets such as the US and the UK are less tolerant.  One wonders how long it will be before businesses start to find other ways to get in touch with their internet audience.

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