Not all Facebook apps secure your personal information

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Are you sure that all the applications you install on Facebook are secured? You better think twice, as some of them can post things to your account without your permission.

According to the privacy protection company, 63 per cent of the 500,000 Facebook apps ask for the right to post on your account while 69 per cent are on the lookout for your email address.

Christian Sigl, founder of, said that AngryBirds, Spotify, SocialCam, CityVille, and Instagram are just some apps that users install on their Facebook accounts. Most people simply click the “agree” button without checking what they are agreeing to. Users don’t realise that social apps linked to their Facebook accounts can also track all of their personal information as well as that of their friends.

“It doesn’t matter what your privacy settings are. The apps still get this information,” Sigl said.

Those apps may be able to access your Timeline and can even sell the email addresses of you and your friends to deceitful buyers. In the worst cases, they can also steal your identity. revealed that 30 percent of those apps have access to the users’ birthdates, which could make it easier to learn their social security numbers.

Furthermore, these apps also affect your friends, as 21 per cent were found to have access to the personal data of the user as well as the user’s friends such as education, birthdates, and work history.

Facebook has said that apps found to have violated their policies will be dealt with seriously.

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