Olympus develops a mirrorless camera for your smartphone

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The newest accessory for your smartphone could become a must-have with Olympus’ mirrorless camera. Whether you like taking selfies or snapping inspiring landscapes, this could prove a useful addition if your smartphone is the most convenient way for you to take pictures.

The new camera, the Olympus Air, offers an interchangeable lens camera that can be exclusively controlled with a smartphone.

Even though it is equivalent in size to an average DSLR lens, the Olympus Air manages to squeeze in a range of technology, such as a sensor, storage, battery and some familiar camera functionality. In addition, the Olympus Air A01 includes a 16-megapixel camera to enhance users’ smartphone capability.

The quality of the smartphone will play a role in how much users can expect from the Olympus Air. It will rely on the phone’s camera control settings, image viewing, and other picture adaption functionality. There will be interchangeable lenses to offer flexibility, and the smartphone can be used as the controller for each of these.

The flexible approach can also be found in the Air’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities. It features the same image processor that can be found in Olympus’s other mirrorless products. It will support RAW capture, and the 1080p HD video recording has a 1/16,000-second maximum shutter speed.

A bespoke smartphone app will be available for iOS and Android to support the process. Interestingly, Olympus is offering developers the opportunity to produce their own versions through a software development kit (SDK).

The lens doesn’t have to be attached to the phone itself to take pictures. For selfies, the lens can be pointed in the appropriate direction while the phone screen shows the likely outcome.

This is not the first smartphone camera lens, which means that Olympus has some catching up to do. Kodak and Sony have already developed their own versions.

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