Online Pizza Anyone? Fast Delivery is Only a Click Away

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All industries are now tapping into ecommerce, and the food services industry is no exception.  In an attempt to keep pace with modern technology, restaurants, fast food and coffee shop chains are adding web ordering, table reservation tools, Facebook pages and iPhone applications to complement their current services.

Web ordering and Smartphone applications have helped offer hard working people a quick and convenient method of ordering products and services. Dunkin Donuts’ iPhone application can be added to a group listing for reciprocal ordering.  Personalised favourite menu options help to make orders even speedier.

Domino’s Pizza also offers a successful pizza sales option with mobile-based order tracking. According to Domino’s Pizza, 30% of total sales originate as web orders and web sales are expected to supersede telephone orders in 3-5 years.  Companies such as Domino’s Pizza are also cashing in on the popularity of social networking sites and are introducing revenue share incentives for people who add Domino’s Pizza’s ads to their Facebook pages.

Pizza Hut, the U.K. and world’s leading pizza delivery chain has also followed suit, estimating an average 25% increase in sales since it launched its online ordering feature in 2007.  Pizza Hut discount codes and Pizza Hut discount vouchers, also available online, make web ordering even easier and purchase more economical. Diners can now also use online table reservation tool functions and also collect web orders from dine-in restaurants.

Online web ordering options makes it simple for people to organise last minute outings and are an easy way for businesses to increase sales by taking advantage of today’s hectic lifestyle, where people are often in need of food on the go.

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