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Every website owner knows that the ultimate goal is to keep as many visitors on their site for as long as possible.  Obviously, you want to get a large volume of visitors in the first place, but if they do not stay on your site for very long you will not make much money from them.

This is where services like VisitorJS come in extremely useful.  This website gives you the tools you need to personalise your website for everyone who pays a visit.  It uses a small amount of JavaScript to enable people from all over the world to receive customised content that is ideal for their needs.

According to their website, you can price your goods in the appropriate currency depending on where each visitor hails from.  You can also welcome them with a salutation that is suitable for their area, should you wish to do so.

Furthermore, the script provides information of various kinds that can give you a better idea of who your visitors are and where they are coming from.  When you visit the website, it actually reveals where you are located in the world and whether you have been to the VisitorJS website before.  As marketing efforts go, it is clear that the site is using its own script to help sell the idea to you and your business.  It works quite well too!

There are Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum deals to consider if you want to use the service, so you can see there is a price available for all budgets.

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