Pinterest reshaping the way we shop online

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There are hundreds of social networking sites today, with Facebook, Google+, and Twitter just the tip of the iceberg. However, not all of them have the potential to be a social platform for ecommerce.

Pinterest is leading the way in this category. A shopping personalisation firm called Monetate marked Pinterest as a leading source of social media traffic to online retail sites. It said that Pinterest is reshaping social commerce. Though the result is primarily based on internal data, the firm admits that the social media sites are undeniably blooming.

Pinterest, with its natural graphics and visuals neatly arranged by categories, has a bigger potential for making a sale than delivering a business talk describing what the picture shows. For ecommerce, photographs of products or even services would be more influential than a Google+ update, Tweet, or Facebook post.

It can also help you find what you want at a glance. Its “glanceability” is very useful when it comes to getting sales. For example, wedding planning becomes easier because Pinterest already provides not just wedding ideas but also actual wedding products.

It can also boost site traffic and make sales as almost all of the pictures that pinners collect are still directly linked to their sources. And in comparison to other related sites, Pinterest is more commercial and materialistic because it is created to entice people to have what they want.

Google+ is about connecting with geeks and hangouts, Facebook is for connecting with nearby and faraway family and friends, Twitter is for status updates and trends, but Pinterest is for business and a huge shareable shopping list.

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