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pe-logo-new-transThe concept of press releases has always been the same, slightly boring and holding too many facts about the company’s history. Pitchengine has launched a new and innovative way to produce and distribute press releases, making them interactive and actually interesting. The concept behind the new press release creation is to grab the reader, keep the reader, and excite the reader. The ability to add images, video, and other media links to the document turn the once boring and drab document into a world of excitement.
The highly interactive platform allows readers to not only get the facts, but to be directed to useful sites through embedded urls, enjoy interactive video and even listen to sound files that will give more information on the company.
With the technology changing so quickly the World Wide Web has had to alter itself dramatically to keep up with its users. The press release is still the most efficient document for getting companies noticed; just now it has changed to stand out above the crowd. Jason Kintzler the founder of pitchengine is proud of the social Media releases that have been created and feels that every company can benefit from their use. The SMR’s are usable on blogs, through tweets, on other social networking sites such as facebook and myspace as well as the original intended use such as journalistic submissions.
So, if your company needs an updated appearance and you want to create the attention you feel you deserve, try pitchengine and jump into the new world of press release distribution.

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