Planning your trip on your iPhone

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Planning a trip today is a lot less stressful than it used to be thanks to new devices such as the iPhone and new apps that make the task easier. From drawing up a list of places to visit or things to do, to planning routes and making reservations, the iPhone has an app that takes all the hassle out of the process. There are two main types of general travel apps – information resources and planning tools.


TouristEye is the ultimate wish list app, letting users add potential new destinations and sharing these with family and friends, who can add tips about what to see and do en route. The information resources app contains tips and ideas for destinations or activities and makes planning multiple trips easy. With relevant maps and GPS, both of which work offline, TouristEye takes the stress out of going to unfamiliar places.

Trip Advisor

Arguably, Trip Advisor is the largest online repository of destination and hotel reviews, photos, ratings and other relevant information. This makes the resources app almost essential when searching for destinations or information, and opinions about everything from a humble hostel to a luxury hotel. When users have chosen where they want to go, where to stay and what they want to see or do, the app will retain the information for later reference.


TripIt is an excellent planning tool app and has the capacity to combine all travel arrangements – hotel bookings, itineraries, rental car reservations and tickets – in one simple view so that travelers are never at a loss as to where to find their flight or reservation number. The smart edge to this app is that it can tell passengers if there’s a better seat available on their flight and allows them to switch to it if they wish.



Similar to TripIt, TripCase will gather relevant information together and additionally will display it in either itinerary view, as a timeline, or ‘action view’, where extra detail is added, including local maps and directories, and free flight alerts are provided. Some commentators say it is easier to use than other apps and as information can be fed in separately, the app can do all the organizing rather than the user.

Specialist apps


While general travel apps are good for planning purposes or for organizing an itinerary, some special occasions need extra features to make any trip complete. These are entertainment and sporting events, such as a Major League Baseball game at Citizen Bank Park, home to the Philadelphia Phillies.

As most big games tend to sell out quickly, an app that can enable users to purchase tickets from their iPhone 24/7 is a must for sports and entertainment fans. The Mobile Ticket App will do just that and it can find and purchase tickets for a wide range of venues, including theatres and concert halls as well as sporting events, The exact location of seats can be viewed before tickets are bought. Never miss that game again!

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