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picture-151Twitter wants you to say whatever is on your mind. Plinky wants to start a conversation.

Sure, some people like to tell us when they’ve run out of Kleenex or just saw Carrot Top washing dishes at Denny’s, but there is something to be said for focusing the conversation on one topic at a time. At least Plinky thinks so.

The nearly year-old social networking / microblogging start-up provides daily prompts for its users to answer in any number of ways, including maps, polls, playlists, images – and yes – boring old words. The day that I signed up, the prompt asked users to “Pick apicture-11 wild animal to keep as a pet.” I chose anteater, citing the fact that: “Ants are annoying and ruin picnics. Plus the big mean ones steal babies in Africa.” I watch The Learning Channel, and it’s true.

Others whose profiles I perused chose chimps, meerkats and jackrabbits. You can also suggest prompts to the Plinky staff, making this social experiment highly democratic.

The upside of Plinky is that it plays nicely with other sites. If these answers and ensuing conversations lived and died in the Plinky vacuum, it’s growth potential would be limited. But it encourages users to uplink via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and other big blogging services.

Does Pliny have enough to make it in an ever-crowded social networking marketplace? Heck, maybe that’s a questions Plinky users should answer in tomorrow’s prompt…

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