Pplconnect unveils virtual smartphone platform

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Pplconnect has launched its private beta for a virtual smartphone platform that can be used anywhere as long as there is an internet connection.

Presented at this year’s TechCrunch Disrupt, pplconnect was co-founded by Densil D’Sa and Jenviev Azzolin.

Although operating on the same theory as remotely accessing certain devices such as PCs, pplconnect is entirely different in terms of practice. D’Sa noted that it allows users to access all the basic services of their smartphone anywhere, albeit on a native interface that was specifically designed for every environment.

This will enable people to use Android or a web-based interface to call using their own number, receive and send text messages, and view stored media. It can even transform your friend’s device into your own.

“Our system is actually a complete phone on its own, so you can use it as a standalone smartphone,” noted D’Sa said.

“So you could use it independently, but the idea is we link this with your hardware smartphone, and your contacts and information are accessible and usable in every web-enabled device. If you receive a text on one, you can receive it on all devices at once.”

A demo of the startup showed a message sent to a particular phone popping up on three different screens: a PC, an Android tablet and an Android smartphone.

Moreover, the startup’s Hotel your Phone feature allows users to borrow someone’s phone and make a call using their own number. With this feature, the recipient does not even realise that you are not actually using your own phone.

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