Privacy Flaw Comes Back to Bite Mark Zuckerberg

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There are not many conversations that take place about Facebook without the mention of privacy concerns cropping up.  But while we are getting used to seeing news stories on this subject, we are not used to seeing the private photos of Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg himself being posted all over the internet.

Apparently, hackers gained access to the photos in a concerted effort to highlight the security flaws blighting the social media site at the moment.  One photo showed Mr Zuckerberg holding up a chicken, while another showed him in a very large kitchen cooking with his girlfriend.

According to a statement given by Facebook, the flaw has now been fixed.  They did not object to photos of Mr Zuckerberg being published repeatedly online since they had already entered the public domain.

While the photos themselves were not of anything shocking or worrying, they showed how easy it could be for someone with knowledge to gain access to private pictures that were only shared among certain people on Facebook.  This will no doubt lead to more questions over whether those in charge at the social media site have the knowledge and determination to keep security at the forefront of their concerns.

The Federal Trade Commission in the US has recently berated the site for privacy flaws.  Facebook will now incur a five figure fine for any further violations it makes in the future.  We shall be watching to see when the next one might occur.

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