Protecting yourself while using social media

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Social media is a great way to get your information out there for employees, but it can lead to issues of security since you do not want everyone to be able to see your online profile.  Many companies, mostly in the US, have been asking for Facebook information to be supplied so they can check out the online profiles.  It is a clear violation of privacy since things on Facebook are personal, but there is a way around this.  You can have a Facebook profile that is viewable to potential employers or even bank investors if you are looking to start up a company.  You can also make certain that you have your protection status in place.

Whenever you are about to start up a business or want to use social media to get a job, set up a different email address.  Use this email address for your Facebook profile also.  In that way you lead your potential employer or clients to the right page and not the one you have for personal use.  If you have a business name already, make certain it ties into the email you use.  With any social media, you can choose how much you share.  This means some of the private details you put in there can be blocked from anyone who might happen upon your page.  You can always make the information you want available so that you have a presence online.  This is more important now than ever.

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