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redmark.pngAnyone who’s ever collaborated on any kind of design work, either in person or virtually, knows that it’s nearly impossible to do. Describing just the right color, photographic changes, or even just logo placement can be frustrating and time-consuming.

Of course, the larger the design team and the more active the client, the harder this gets. That’s where Redmark hopes to make a difference.

The site is currently in private beta and aims to creating and tracking design notes easy. A great demo on their site overviews the process and shows that, with the right tools, it’s easier than you’d think.

The interface is very clean and the tools and features available are just right: not too many, not too few. Some might find something they think is “required” for this sort of app to be missing, but those will be the picky few. Most will find the site has just enough to get the job done right without cluttering up the interface.

Adding, tacking, and then tracking those notes to design elements is very easy. A drag-and-drop interface does most of the work in finding just the right point to attach the comment to (whether it be eyes, a shaded area, etc.) and closely mimics how most of us do this in real life. Lines (maybe arrows) from a comment blurb point out what it refers to.

If your design is large or detailed, an extremely intuitive and handy zoom in/out feature makes it easy to pinpoint your focus. Adding multiple comments to one area of the design is also possible and makes things much more interactive for the team.

Best of all, all notes that have been saved can be scrolled through to see the stages of development and commentary. This is great for the team lead or client who wants to see past revisions and find out if all requests were followed through. For multiple-person teams, this is a must.

Anyone in design can definitely see an immediate use for Redmark and it is possible to get in on the beta. There are some problems with the app, it being in testing, and it’s often down momentarily for revisions or updates and has no official launch date.

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