Research shows men and women spend time online differently

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A new study, which was compiled over the past ten years by the University of Bath at their Department of Psychology, has shown that the way that men and women spend their time online varies dramatically. With the rise of social networking sites, this difference has become more pronounced over the past ten years.

Women prefer to spend their time interacting with other people and looking at photographs on social networking sites such as MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter while men, who are also likely to use these sites, spend more of their time reading news, visiting music sites and playing online games.

The study, which is called ‘Internet experience, Internet Identification and Internet Anxiety: a ten year follow up’ was authored by Dr. Richard Joiner who said of the findings Our findings indicate that rather than transcending or overcoming gender differences in wider society, internet use by males and females seems to reflect, and in some instances even exacerbate, these broader trends.” He added, “In previous research we found no gender differences in the use of the internet for communication, whereas in the current study we found gender differences in communication and that females were using social network sites more than males.”

Also included in the study were details of how students are likely to start using the internet at age 11 and will spend almost three and a half hours a day online.

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