Resound Linx: Smartphone-adjustable hearing aid

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Denmark-based GN ReSound has developed a new smart hearing aid that is not only practical but can also be immediately worn by anyone suffering from a hearing impairment.

Dubbed Resound Linx, the wireless Bluetooth device has been specifically designed to work seamlessly with Apple’s iPhone and iPad, enabling users to adjust the device’s sound settings via their smartphone.

The feature also allows those with hearing aids to be less conspicuous when adjusting the settings of their device in public.

“What makes the hearing smarter than other hearing aids is the direct connection between Apple’s devices and the hearing aid,” said Lasse Sorensen, Brand Management Director of GN ReSound.

“Also, the hearing aid can exchange data with the iPhone using the ReSound smart app, which gives the user new ways to personalise their hearing experience.”

An example of this functionality is Resound Linx’s ability to remember certain “sound experience settings” in a specific place by tagging its GPS location and providing the option to utilise that location-specific setting every time the user returns there.

The device’s GPS function can also be used as a locator. Thus, if a user loses a hearing aid, he can look for it through the ReSound Linx app. The app’s volume level on the display increases as the user gets closer to the lost device.

Sorensen revealed that advanced hearing aids generally cost around $2,900 to $3,500, and Resound Linx’s final price would be approximately ten per cent higher.

While Resound Linx was officially unveiled on Monday, the company has yet to announce its release date or final price.

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