Samsung Galaxy S4 dethrones Optimus G

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Now it can be said that Samsung’s Galaxy S4 is the best smartphone. This is the finding of American magazine Consumer Reports following extensive testing and comparisons with other handsets available on the market.

Samsung trumps former record-holder LG’s Optimus G, the US$100 smartphone that was ranked number one for several months. HTC’s One, the Galaxy S3 and Apple’s iPhone 5 round out the top five.

Consumer Reports’ ranking is based on several stringent tests under different categories such as display, user-friendliness and portability as well as battery life and voice quality.

Despite headlining the list, the US$200 Galaxy S4 still had weak spots such as portability and video quality. Much like other smartphones on the magazine’s list, it had average ratings for voice quality. Consumer Reports also criticised the absence of one-button access to the phone.

Nevertheless, the S4’s most notable features were its built-in infrared (IR) feature, five-inch touch screen with 1080p resolution, and its multitasking split view capability. The magazine also gave the phone points for being convenient for beginners whilst still offering many features for advanced users. Its camera was also considered one of the best in terms of photo quality.

The Galaxy S4 is an upgrade to Samsung’s very popular S3, which was among the best-selling handsets in 2012.

Meanwhile, Google recently announced a new variant for the Galaxy S4 that runs a pure form of the Android mobile OS. The uncluttered and unlocked phone is expected to be released in June and will cost US$649.

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