Samsung Galaxy S4 fastest phone

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Apple’s iPhone 5 has a relatively slower processor speed that is just about half of Samsung Galaxy S4’s, according to a test conducted by consumer watchdog Which?.

Seven of the most sought after smartphones have undergone a series of tests to gauge their memory performance and processor speed. More memory and a faster processing speed lead to quicker photo editing, smoother simultaneous use of several applications and less lagging in graphic-intensive games.

Overall, the Galaxy S4 powered by a 1.9GHz quad-core processor was crowned the fastest. The handset received a score of 3,188 on the benchmark test, easily beating the iPhone 5’s grade of 1,664.

The company stated: “For the moment, Samsung’s Galaxy S4 is the phone to beat when it comes to speed.” It is followed by HTC One, which has two gigabytes of random access memory (RAM) and a 1.7” quad-core processor.

As such, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is the ideal smartphone for people who extensively use Gmail, Instagram, Facebook and even Angry Birds at the same time.

Coming in third place is the Sony Xperia Z, trailed by Google’s Nexus 4. Although the difference between the former and the latter is just 39 points, the fourth place handset costs £200 less than any of the top three phones. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 clinched fifth place, followed by the BlackBerry Z10.

Given the results of the test, it is not surprising that Apple is planning to unveil an upgraded version of the iPhone this autumn.

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