Samsung smartphones feature unique design

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In a bid to rebut Apple’s allegation that Samsung copied the design of its iPads and iPhones in a US patent case, an executive at the South Korean tech giant revealed that it markets over 100 different smartphones that are “distinctly different” from each other, as required by the US carriers.

According to Justin Denison, Chief Strategy Officer at Samsung, the carriers require the company to integrate elements of uniqueness in its portfolios. The testimony of Denison focused on the business strategy of Samsung, specifically how it conducts business across the globe while highlighting the extent of its smartphone portfolio.

Denison was originally brought in by Apple to testify about Samsung’s internal studies aimed against the iPhone. Throughout his testimony, Denison highlighted Samsung’s innovation and credibility by discussing its research, development, and advertising efforts.

He said that the company merely wants to compete.

“At Samsung, we’re very, very proud of the products we produce, of all the hard work that goes into bringing those products to market,” he said.

With this statement, the lawyers from Apple then presented Denison a Samsung document that compares the iPhone’s user interface with their very own smartphones. The document also cited the iPhone as the latest standard.

In response, Denison said that the example was just an exaggeration.

The patent case between the two giant companies saw both firms presenting their opening statements last week and is expected to continue for another three weeks.

Prior to presenting Denison, Apple had already presented its first batch of witnesses, which included the Head of iOS Software Scott Forstall and Marketing Chief Phil Schiller.

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