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setster-logoAre you booking appointments online through your website?  Don’t you wish you could without spending thousands on a custom app?  Well, now you can do it for free with

That, in a nutshell, is the overall idea behind this app.  It’s an appointment booking popup you can embed into your website (or any site) .  The app is a simple appointment calendar which you set up through Setster and then utilize on the back-end to make, add, or remove appointments and that clients can use on the front-end to schedule, cancel, or change appointments.

It’s free to use and work pretty well.  It’s very fast to set up for even those who aren’t all that tech savvy.  When you sign up, you basically fill out a Web form with your basic information and appointment types and information.  So if you’re a hair stylist, for instance, you might have wash and cut, streak, coloring, permanents, etc. all in different appointment types.  This way someone scheduling a perm won’t set it up for 15 minutes (not nearly long enough to do it).

When you’ve set all that up, you can ad some extras like a Google Map to your business, your logo, etc. and then you’re presented with plugin code that you embed into your site as a widget.

The software is sold on the freemium model, so the basic setup (described above) is free.  Some limits on how many appointments and so forth are set (10/month for the free account).  The back-end is where the real differences occur for the free versus paid models.

The free model has only very basic tools for checking your calendar, changing/edited or canceling appointments, etc.  Everything is there, it’s just not as easily used or pretty and the outputs like calendars, graphs, etc. as well as integration with Google Calendar or Windows Live aren’t there.

The premium model, which is $9.99/month for a single user or $29.95/month for up to 5 users on one account).  This gives unlimited appointments and other features as well as integration/synchronization with your Google or MS Calendars.  You can also accept PayPal payments through Setster as well as integrate that with Quicken or other popular accounting software.

It’s free to try it, so this one is probably worth trying for those who have a business based heavily on appointments and scheduling.

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