Smartphone Boom Could Pose Security Risk

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With the number of people buying and using smartphones rising with every passing month, the director of the Cloud and Security Lab at HP, Martin Sandler, has expressed his concern about the likelihood of an increase in cyber attacks as more and more people become connected.

Mr. Sandler explained that the number of devices in use worldwide it expected to reach 35 billion by the end of the decade and highlighted the increased risk this poses.

He said, “The vast majority of software we will be using [by 2020] will be riddled with malware.  If you talk about four billion people going online by 2020, a large number of those people are in third world countries where they are looking for easy access to wealth or money – what better source of wealth than online?”

Speaking at the launch of a new Cyber Security Centre at Oxford University, he went on to add that internet crime would become ‘de-skilled’ and added “What today might be a very sophisticated attack on a nation state could by 2020 be an attack on you as an individual made by people who really earn very little a day – that kind of dollar-a-day threshold.”

Mr. Sandler pointed out how most people who will be online by 202, an estimated 4 billion people worldwide, will have little or no idea about internet security.

Director of the new research centre, Professor Sadie Cresse, added, “We should expect everything that we see in what was previously considered physical space, to manifest in some way in cyberspace.”

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