Smartphone sales rise

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Despite reports that there has been an overall drop in the sale of mobile phones during the first quarter of 2012, smartphones continued to increase their market share and performed extremely strongly showing what now represents almost a 45 per cent increase year on year.

In a report compiled by international analyst house Gartner, the findings showed that Samsung is now the world leader when it comes to sales of smartphones, taking over from Apple who continues to perform strongly in the market.  Nokia, who received strong criticism from the industry due to their slow reaction to what has now become a booming business in smartphones, was once the world leader when it came to handset sales. They now find themselves slipping back after losing 22.7 per cent of their market share.

Anshul Gupta, principal analyst for Gartner, said of the findings, “Samsung took back the world’s number one smartphone position from Apple, selling 38 million smartphones worldwide,” Gartner said. “In addition, Samsung’s Android-based smartphone sales in the first quarter of 2012 represented more than 40 per cent of Android-based smartphone sales worldwide; no other vendors achieved more than a 10-percent share of the market.”

Android-based smartphones continue to gain in popularity and grab a bigger slice of the smartphone market as more and more people develop apps and their popularity increases.  Once the main rival to iPhone, Blackberry lost more ground on their rivals as people chose to move to another brand as their smartphone choice.

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