Smartphone users drive internet usage in South Africa

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It has been announced that there has been a dramatic increase in the number of people accessing the internet in South Africa, a move which is being attributed to the rapid growth of smartphone sales within the country.

Ressearch, conducted by World Wide Worx in conjunction with howzit MSN, has shown that there are now 2.5 million people in South Africa who are accessing the internet on a regular basis without access to a PC.

The last year has seen a dramatic 25 per cent growth in internet users amongst South Africans, taking the number of people online from 6.5 million people at the end of 2010 to 8.5 million at the end of 2011.  Speaking about the research, Arthur Goldstruck, managing director for Wolrd Wide Worx, a research company, said Penetration is now approaching 20%, and for the first time we can see the mass market embracing digital tools on their phones.”

World Wide Worx partners in the research, howzit MSN, commented on the implications of this data, with Justin Zehmke, executive producer of the company, saying “This has huge implications for media and social networks. It means that, in the coming years, all services offered online will also have to be offered on cellphones.”

There has also been aknockon effect in the price of data tariffs within the country as well as the number of smartphone owners increases.  The price of data tariffs has been decreasing in a move which will only see more and more people using their smartphones to access the internet.

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