Smartphones emerge as preferred method of viewing pornography

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The majority of adult content in the United States is now viewed through smartphones, according to the latest report from PornHub, one of the internet’s largest aggregators of adult films.

The website revealed that 52 per cent of its videos were consumed by Americans via smartphones this year, up from 47 per cent in 2012. Adult content viewed on tablets rose to ten per cent in 2013, up from last year’s seven per cent.

Overall, 63.2 billion videos at PornHub were watched by 14.7 billion people this year, which translates to roughly 1.68 million visitors per hour. This indicates that the popularity of adult content remains strong. It also validates a long-held belief that the porn industry has grown alongside the internet.

PornHub’s report also revealed that the US was the only nation where the lion’s share of adult content was viewed via smartphones. Smartphone usage in the country is more prevalent than it is in other nations around the globe.

Many Britons preferred to use their tablets when viewing porn (15 per cent), while Mexicans were second to Americans in terms of viewing adult content via smartphones.

Although PornHub is just a single network that hosts adult films, its huge number of viewers is statistically significant in determining the trends in porn viewing habits. It is a vital study subject as adult content viewing has mirrored the use of the web over the past 20 years.

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