Smartphones for girls, desktops for boys

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In a typical child’s world, dolls are for girls and cars are for boys. Put gadgets in the picture and you’ll see that girls go for smartphones more often than boys.

According to a study conducted by Mintel Group Ltd, a London-based market research company, girls aged seven to 15 are more likely to have a smartphone compared to boys their age. 45 per cent of girls utilise the device each day versus only 35 per cent for boys.

Females also tend to go for their own laptop computers and MP3 players, whilst young males are more likely to have desktop computers, revealed the study.

The difference is that boys are keener on entertainment devices, whereas females are attracted to devices that promote collaboration and communication, according to Mintel’s Tech Analyst Samuel Gee.

“Where there is a difference, it’s because boys tend to go for the big ticket items,” noted Gee, adding that only 14 per cent of the children surveyed had never used a smartphone.

Overall, 88 per cent of the children owned laptops, 66 per cent had desktops, 32 per cent possessed tablets and only 25 per cent owned e-readers. Interestingly, laptops were present in most families surveyed regardless of household income levels, while smartphones were linked with more affluent families.

Parents were supportive of technology use among their kids, with 50 per cent saying it is vital for young people to learn how to use the latest gadgets.

The research also discovered that parents used more gadgets with their children. In particular, two-thirds of the parents had played video games with their children on these devices and had used these gadgets to search for information about their kid’s favourite book or cartoon characters. However, parents still prefer paper books for reading with their children.

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