Social Commerce is Becoming More Mainstream

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There was a time when social commerce was the new fad, the way that we might see the future developing.  Now it would appear as if the future is here, and social commerce is becoming more widespread and familiar to us than it has been in the past.

It is certainly more common for us to engage in conversations with businesses on Twitter and Facebook, interacting with them in ways we never would have considered before.  There are many different ways of connecting with other people online as well, ways that colour our decisions on what to buy and what not to buy.

Consider Amazon for example.  Its penchant for providing reviews of every item sold on the site may have affected the sales of those items that are not made very well.  However, it has helped the sales of those items that are favourably reviewed by the people who have already bought them.

You would never dream of standing in a bricks and mortar shop, asking everyone you met whether you should buy a particular product or not.  Nevertheless, this is exactly what we are doing more and more when we consider buying something online.  Social commerce and everything it offers us is going to continue growing and developing in the months and years to come.  It will be interesting to see just how far it goes in influencing our decisions and ideas as we continue to make our purchases online instead of offline.

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