Social Commerce is Still Struggling to Convince

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A recent survey by Digitas has revealed some interesting statistics with regard to how comfortable some Americans are when it comes to buying items online.  More specifically, the statistics show that ecommerce sales still have a long way to go before they will become commonplace.

The study focused on the opinions of 2,630 internet users in America.  The vast majority of those surveyed – 2,247 in total – used social media sites on a regular basis.  However, more than half of them said they would not be comfortable with making a purchase via an ecommerce site by using their credit card.

This figure will no doubt amaze many people who see ecommerce as a thriving market.  It is doing well but this survey shows that there is a lot of work still to be done to ensure that consumers feel positive and content to buy items online via an ecommerce site.  The survey showed that only one fifth of those who took part would be happy to make such a purchase from a company if they could do so via a social media platform.

Despite this sobering news, it would seem inevitable that more and more people are going to buy goods in this way in the future.  Considerable work must be done to make people feel secure when paying by this method.  Nevertheless, this will only occur over time.  We will need to wait some considerable time before the vast majority are happy to pay like this.

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