Social media changes buying behaviour

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Social media is a proven and effective platform to market products and services, but experts suggest that these sites can also change buying behaviour.

“Social (media) is not a channel – it’s more of a behaviour,” said R2integrated Chief Executive Officer Matt Goddard.

For example, 91 per cent of clients go to brick-and-mortar stores thanks to a great online experience, revealed a study by Marketing Land. Firms with good websites and social media presence usually attract clients who visit actual stores to check for products as well as compare prices and warranty services.

Moreover, 89 per cent of people utilise search engines before buying a certain product, according to Fleishman Hillard’s Digital Influence Index for last year.

Most buyers begin by searching for a product, so those firms that are displayed on the first page of the search results have a great advantage. This means that companies must do an excellent job of search engine optimisation (SEO) and they should regularly update their product information to get a good ranking.

A study conducted by Marketing Land also revealed that 62 per cent of clients complete their purchase decision in the actual store after conducting internet research.

Internet sources such as portals, social media, and search engines where people seek product information must contain relevant content that can help people decide on whether they should go through with their purchase.

Furthermore, 72 per cent of consumers believe that online product evaluations are as helpful as personal recommendations, according to Search Engine Journal.

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